Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wired Elements

I opened a new shop on Etsy! I never really liked the shop name "Brassy Beads" so I finally put my back into it and came up with a new name... "Wired Elements". It is much more suitable for what I do and sell.

Than I thought my shop looked very sad....not only must I be a creative 'Namer' but now I need to be a window dresser as well.

I spent some time dawdling in regards to housework and did some creative window dressing instead.

There is nothing new, jewelry wise, in the shop, but I do think the 'look' is all new.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Busy Busy

Oh my goodness, what happened to September? It cruised right by me!

I haven't been able to post many pics because much of what I have been making is gifts for others.

My house is a mess - Going to leave the prescious wire long enough to clean it this weekend.

Here is one commissioned gift which has made it to it's intended owner.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Since I completed the wire beads I have felt a relaxed, more playful attitude towards wire. I've enjoyed making some simpler pieces for everyday wear. The necklace shown here is much more playful and it looks stunning dripping around the neck. It sold immediately to a customer who has been with me from the beginning. This customer probably owns the best record of my work to be found anywhere. She would like to see me start signing my jewelry with an etching pen, an idea that never occured to me until she mentioned it. I will probably start doing that in the coming months.

A number of new and old commisions need to be completed this month, so I can't just keep playing. But I am happy to be working:)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blood Wire

I try not to whine on my blog...but...this wire business is just so hard, frustrating, and often disappointing. I thought if I just applied myself hard enough and practiced enough I would see results...if I just didn't give up...

But... I have again a string of failures on my desk, everything I have set my hand to has failed on me, and what makes it even more disappointing is that I don't even know what I did wrong, so I have no hope how to proceed towards improvement:(

I was in quite a state this morning, because too many trials can cause alot of doubt in my mind as to whether I am cut out for this? Maybe I don't have what it takes? Seriously why put so much effort into something - if your just not gifted at it?

Anyways I prayed and asked Jesus for help. And asked Him what I ought to work on next, if at all. Than I got up and played around with a Lynne Merchant style wire bead I sometimes practice making on and off. Not really expecting any results, and wondering why I should choose such a doomed project when I was already at my wits end.... and it WORKED!! I actually cried when I saw that it came out well!!

These babies are going to stay with me. This wire bead is the main reason I ever wanted to wire wrap in the first place. The rubies remind me of all the blood that I put into this wire, and Jesus blood shed for me.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Artsy Pieces

I love cuffs. They are comfortable to wear and modern. These bracelets came together without too much frustration. A nice break from the constant battle with the wire:)

Labradorite focal with sterling wire.

Vintage italian wedding cake bead with copper wire. This cuff looks so good on! It's a bit too girly for me but for the right woman it would be a terrific find.