Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wired Elements

I opened a new shop on Etsy! I never really liked the shop name "Brassy Beads" so I finally put my back into it and came up with a new name... "Wired Elements". It is much more suitable for what I do and sell.

Than I thought my shop looked very sad....not only must I be a creative 'Namer' but now I need to be a window dresser as well.

I spent some time dawdling in regards to housework and did some creative window dressing instead.

There is nothing new, jewelry wise, in the shop, but I do think the 'look' is all new.


  1. I browsed the jewelry at your new shop and i like the Labrodorite earrings, the copper ring and bracelet..Simple but yet a statement..

  2. Thank you Emi, your comment means alot:)