Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That

  I didn't get any finished pieces of jewelry done this week. One of my designs did not turn out as I hoped. Here are the remains:
  It looks better on camera than it does in person. It has no strong focal and the light bounces off at myriad places and the eye get's confused. It will eventually get unwound for some future project.
  My 26ga weaving wire keeps breaking on me and between that and the sad project above I discovered a renewed interest in house cleaning:) It was a good way to avoid the wire:) Have clean home now:)
  I did make a tiny 1.25" diameter practice basket. It's perfectly useful if you are a Barbie doll. I practiced the starting method, and also tested out what 30ga double twined wire looks like.
  This is what the 30ga looks like:
  I am perfectly pleased with myself for getting 20 whole spokes in that little basket!!

  Here is something you will really like!!  Here is a link to a gallery of Berlin Iron and Silesian Wirework Jewelry.  Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to see all the wirework they have. 
  All these jewelry pieces were made during the early 1800's, possibly by the same company. There doesn't seem to be any clear history available regarding the wirework especially.
  The Germans actually traded in their gold for these pieces of iron jewelry in order to help their country pay for the war with Napoleon.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Moroccan Double Twined Earrings

 Another double twined weave.Very pleasurable to create, even though I took great care with every turn of the wire.

  I only wish you could touch it for yourself, the texture is amazing!!

Yummy carnelians!!

Oh and, I bought new glasses:) Eye sight being such an important tool:))

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jewelry: Concepts and Techniques Book

   I just purchased this book,  "Jewelry:Concepts and Techniques", and it arrived two days ago. It is absolutely wonderful and inspiring and full of information about wire that I have never seen in any other book. It's very expensive but you can search around and get a used copy like I did.

  You can search through the book if you want to have a look and see if it is for you. Go here:

Roughly pages 160-225 are all about wire, and the chapter after that is about chain mail. There are lots of examples of wire techniques being shown by Mary Lee Hu.

The entire book is stuffed with gorgeous jewelry and valuable information, and did I say inspiring?  Yes, Very!!!


  This is the first time I have tried twining with double wire.

 I hope to do an earring design using this weave over the weekend. I love the double weave and I hope I can get through an entire weave without twisting my wires on the earring pair. Crossing my fingers.

  Errr... probably I will go buy new glasses first, I'm struggling again with my eyes going blurry from the work...it's maddening!!!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

TheAngstyArtist Anniversary 2

When I started on this journey two years ago I had certain dreams, some vague and some clear. I had a clear goal that I wanted to progress in wire skill and in defining my own style, and a vague hope that it might lead to a new and different life.

The only door that has opened itself for me in these two years, over and over, is that of teaching. I have long considered whether it was wise to reject teaching opportunities, because 'who knows'? it might lead to that vague different life I was wanting.

When I am truly honest with myself, I know that I am very hungry to develop my own skill and my own talents rather than the talents of others. I am hungry to stay focused on my own gifts and I find teaching to be only a distraction from that. I've made peace with leaving that door shut for now.

As the second year of wire was progressing I have felt depressed by the 'vague' dream which never came true. I have been troubled with how I am to continue to work wire into a full life. I mean, that these last two years have been like working two jobs, and if my life is not going to change, how do I go on like this? I'm only human and my home needs a good cleaning and I am beginning to want other human needs met besides just art. Like loafing and play and fresh air.

The one thing about my life that often makes me feel trapped and stuck is also the very thing that frees me to stay focused on my own talents and artistic vision. Having a full time job frees me from financial considerations in what I design. I don't have to design to sell, nor design to teach.

I had considered even quitting. Not because I am discouraged with wire, but that maybe things are 'just not meant to be' and I need to accept my life as it is and just make this a hobby I do occasionally and retreat from the blog and online participation.

I really don't have any answers for myself as to what I will do this next year or how I will live a more balanced life. I do know that I need to live a more balanced life if I am to carry on some how. Right now, I have more questions than answers in my life and I have begun to tolerate the 'not knowing' of things.

I will tell you that some very good things have recently happened to help me stay focused on my clear goal of improving my own wire talent. The Universe/God has offered a clear sign that 'quitting' was not the intended message for me:)

I can't share those good things with you right now, but I might be able to later.
Here is a very inspiring short talk on the fear of failure that I found on the International Guild of Wire Jewelry artists forum.   http://forums.wirejewelryintl.org/post?id=5248429
If the link doesn't work let me know, I'm not positive if non-members can view it.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Pearl Floral Brooch

  This was one of my unfinished projects. I started it way back in January, when I had done something similar with kyanite for a bridal necklace.

  I had originally planned to use two tones of metal and larger flowers, but I got discouraged when I couldn't seem to make it flow well.

  I simplified the color pallete and changed to smaller petals and it finally worked out ok.

  I should have provided a handshot here, because this brooch is very small, it's only 2" across.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Witch Queen

    The Witch Queen, of copper, garnet, and silver.

  Like a good song, hopefully there is room for each viewer to make their own interpretation regarding the theme and content of the sculpture. So I will say nothing more about it.

  In my mind, I've come to call this sort of work 'Chaotic Weaving', because it doesn't follow any traditional rules or expectations.
  Saying 'chaotic' doesn't mean sloppy. I consider myself to be only a beginner in this strange work and this weave has a lot of sloppy. My hope and goal in time is that my weaving will even out and be truly masterful one day...I hope....in time.....

It measures about 3.5" across and 2" high.

PS: I still cannot respond to comments, I can write a blog post and edit it, but Blogger will not recognize my log in for commenting. Thank you for all your comments and support!