Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Final Words

  What shall I say to you? You wonder where I've been and what I have been doing I bet. And, just where do things stand today?

  I remember when this blog had only 15 followers for the first 1.5 years. A dead blog accept for me chugging away and trying to improve myself:) Then I started to grow in my wirework and people were excited. I was excited too!

  I remember why I started this blog. I wanted to write a blog that I would want to read. I've always been the type who would love to read someones diary. After they died of course;) What did they really think in their heart of hearts?

  I wanted to write a blog that would encourage others and build them up and give them hope for success. The way I wished other people's blogs would do for me. 

  Have you ever seen someones work and than felt hopeless afterwards? Like you could never be that good? That pretty? That smart? That talented? I never wanted my blog to ever make you feel that way... I hope it never did. If for any reason it did... be sure and go back to my first posts and have a look...

  I've dedicated myself to wire and I have suffered A LOT of frustration in learning. If you are frustrated too, it means you are on the right path. Congratulations your on the same road many other wireworkers have walked. Even this last month I have made some designs that displeased me and left me empty, confused or lost.

  If you were to look at the work of any artist over a long period, you will see some things you don't like. Some poor designs, some failed projects, some weird stuff.

 What these people do is they 'MAKE STUFF'. And after that they make 'MORE STUFF'. And in all that making something starts to happen. You find what you love and your own vision grows. Inspiration can catch you on fire and carry you to great heights. And when it doesn't, then you are making more stuff while you wait for it to return. Don't be afraid to make bad stuff. And don't be afraid to go the extra mile and do your best work. Both ends of the spectrum belong to you.


  Like the post says...these are my final words for now. I love being a part of the online wire community. My heart wants to be back sharing with you all again and being active online, teaching, sharing and inspiring each other.
  My personal life and work in engineering is boring and drab to me compared to the breathlessness of wire. But I feel my responsibilities need me to be more devoted to them right now.
  I am still working wire and am committed to that, but it's going more slowly as I rethink my priorities and wonder about my future path.
  If am able to come back it won't be through this blog, but some new chapter completely.
  You can find me on Facebook. I will post there when I can.