Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Sea Urchin

  I had no idea there was so much variety of design in a sea urchin.There is a wealth of creative inspiration in the uniqueness of each one.

  Also I am enjoying making squashy balls:))

This is steel, silver fill, gold plate over sterling, and gold plate over brass. 2.5Inch in diameter

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sea Urchin

  My first try at a sea urchin shell. It looks better in person because the eye does not pick up as many distracting details as the camera does.

  It's made of steel and silver fill wire with gold fill beads.

  I also wrapped a rock found in my driveway with steel wire. Very much a Lynne Merchant inspired design.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sea Shells

  I'm completely out of the wire zone as I haven't made anything for about 5 weeks now.

I decided I wanted to make sea shells. A curious choice on my part since I have never been particularly drawn to them. But OK, that's what the muse wants.....that's what she gets:)

 I also bought some steel wire and worked with that for the first time. I think it makes a lovely shell

  These were challenging to make and I grew quite frustrated because the grace God put into the original shell spiral could not be equaled by me. Once I realized I could never reach so high a mark I was able to try one last time with more realistic expectations. To see the Masters work look here:

There were lots of sad failures before I hit on something I could live with:

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christines Twining

  So far I have one brave taker to my offer to post your work to my blog. Thank you Christine!

  Christine has made some beautiful garden designs using twining. I am especially fond of her 'garden gate' concept. She made it for the musical challenge at the Jewelry Makers Forum and you can read more about it over here:

She has also worked a cuff. Isn't the overlay of leaves on top of the twining wonderful? I'm a sucker for bare wire paired with wrapped wire:)