Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blah Blah Blah!!

I've been quite unenthusiastic about all my jewelry creations recently and I have had nothing exciting to post about. Blah, blah , blah is my mood!

On my mind has been the subject of 'money and jewelry'. How to sell it? Who to sell it to? I have often wished to have both high and low end jewelry lines. But having enough time for both is a problem.

It's not uncommon for friends to recommend ideas for selling, and last week I decided to invest some time into one of the those ideas. The idea was to have all the letters of the alphabet offered as pins. They were to be in a certain price range. They had to take only so long to make. They also had to be attractive and something I myself would wear.

Well so far I have spent 8 hours working on the alphabet and experimenting and I have these awful looking pins to show for it. So much for that idea for now!

I did make this necklace and earring set. It is sort of OK. But the two amethyst drops on the sides of the necklace seem unfinished to me and I think I will rework it.

Then I started these earrings and decided I didn't like them half way through, or at least I don't like them in copper!

When it comes to jewelry lately, I'm moody, critical and easily frustrated. I hear my self talk being about more what I 'should' be doing with my jewelry, rather than just letting myself 'be'.

Today I finally got my taxes completed and mailed out. Hopefully my spirit will throw off all this dead weight soon and I'll fly into Spring! I've never waited this late to get taxes done before, but they were more complicated this year.

Yesterday I attended a business lunch, and on the way into the restaurant I walked by a store called 'Unique Handmade Jewelry". I didn't think any of the jewelry was nearly as nice as mine. I am going to go back soon and talk to the owner about consignment and see how the store is managed. Maybe that will be something new to try so people can see my work.


  1. That's a good idea to get your work exposed. I hope you'll success, fingers crossed! Have a wonderful day... and the copper earrings are dazzling! xoxoxo...

  2. Hi Mary- I have sold jewelry over the last 25 years and find if you keep your product to WHAT you LOVE you have it made. Keep in mind that once it catches on, you will be doing it over and over again. Hence, it should be the thing you love to do.
    Also, it is best to choose a category or a few items you do fast and well and focus on them instead of many different kinds of things.
    Just my 2 cents worth....

  3. Kathi, thanks for sharing your experience. It helps to reinforce what my heart really wants to do anyway;) Thanks!