Friday, January 7, 2011

Copper Key Pendant

  My passion for wire is very low right now and I feel uninspired at the moment.

Despite that, I signed up for Year of Jewelry 2011 project. This is a forum where participants commit to make one piece of jewelry every week for a year. It's not too late to join if your interested, they are still accepting sign ups. You can find the link to the forum on my link list at the right side of the blog.

  This copper key looks pretty effortless, but actually a lot of agonizing and fussing went into making it look that way.

I'm just glad I got something done.


  1. it's beautiful, and it certainly doesn't look effortless

  2. Great pendant. I want to do some challenges this year, but 1 a week ... eek, don't think I could keep up with it?

  3. Lynsey, you made me laugh, I'm glad it doesn't look effortless:)

    Charters, I know right? A whole year? Last time I only committed to one quarter. I think the trick is that some weeks you just make a dumb pair of earrings and call it a day:) Or maybe I will string some beads. Hope I make it;)

  4. Mary, Beautiful key. I hope it serves to unlock creativity. The wire work is exceptional and looks like it took a lot of effort and energy.

    I am a little intimidated signing up for the YOJ. I am looking for ward to the focus and stimulation. Happy you are there too.

  5. Christine, The first time I signed up I was intimidated also:) I'm so glad you forged a head despite your fears.
    I'm glad to share in the YOJ journey with you:)