Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Final Words

  What shall I say to you? You wonder where I've been and what I have been doing I bet. And, just where do things stand today?

  I remember when this blog had only 15 followers for the first 1.5 years. A dead blog accept for me chugging away and trying to improve myself:) Then I started to grow in my wirework and people were excited. I was excited too!

  I remember why I started this blog. I wanted to write a blog that I would want to read. I've always been the type who would love to read someones diary. After they died of course;) What did they really think in their heart of hearts?

  I wanted to write a blog that would encourage others and build them up and give them hope for success. The way I wished other people's blogs would do for me. 

  Have you ever seen someones work and than felt hopeless afterwards? Like you could never be that good? That pretty? That smart? That talented? I never wanted my blog to ever make you feel that way... I hope it never did. If for any reason it did... be sure and go back to my first posts and have a look...

  I've dedicated myself to wire and I have suffered A LOT of frustration in learning. If you are frustrated too, it means you are on the right path. Congratulations your on the same road many other wireworkers have walked. Even this last month I have made some designs that displeased me and left me empty, confused or lost.

  If you were to look at the work of any artist over a long period, you will see some things you don't like. Some poor designs, some failed projects, some weird stuff.

 What these people do is they 'MAKE STUFF'. And after that they make 'MORE STUFF'. And in all that making something starts to happen. You find what you love and your own vision grows. Inspiration can catch you on fire and carry you to great heights. And when it doesn't, then you are making more stuff while you wait for it to return. Don't be afraid to make bad stuff. And don't be afraid to go the extra mile and do your best work. Both ends of the spectrum belong to you.


  Like the post says...these are my final words for now. I love being a part of the online wire community. My heart wants to be back sharing with you all again and being active online, teaching, sharing and inspiring each other.
  My personal life and work in engineering is boring and drab to me compared to the breathlessness of wire. But I feel my responsibilities need me to be more devoted to them right now.
  I am still working wire and am committed to that, but it's going more slowly as I rethink my priorities and wonder about my future path.
  If am able to come back it won't be through this blog, but some new chapter completely.
  You can find me on Facebook. I will post there when I can.


  1. I love what you wrote about the creative process and growing as an artist. Best of luck in your break away from blogging. I've really enjoyed seeing (and reading about) your pieces..

  2. Mary,

    I'm going to miss your blog posts! You're incredibly talented, and it's always a joy to see what you've made. *Hugs.*

    Great insights about making stuff and making more stuff after that. It's kind of a fire-fire-fire-aim process than ready-aim-fire. ;)

  3. I am sorry I didn't find your blog sooner than I did. Such is life. I have found your blog to be inspirational and I have learned one thing... wire wrapped vessels require more dedication than I have for it right now, and more wire than I am willing to use on them. However, they are so darn cool! I have so very much enjoyed your creations along the way...thank you for sharing your talents with us! I have a half finished vessel in a drawer, made using your instructions and I think I need to get to it and finish it. Bon Voyage... hope to see you start up again some day.

  4. a gorgeous work, .....!!
    all your works are really fantastic, congratulations!

  5. I will miss seeing your work. I am one of those people who does not do facebook. I am a bead weaver first and foremost, but I love looking at woven wire.

    I have been making jewelry for a long time- as in years and years and years, and over those years I have had highly productive times and times that just kept me in practice. You will find the balance that works for you now and I guarantee that balance will change later. Enjoy your new endeavors and all that you will learn on this path.

  6. Thank you Torquestory! I will miss blogging as well.

    Sarah, I loved your turn of phrase, fire-fire-aim:)) It's so perfect!

    Jeanne, even I don't make coiled vessels very often due to the amount of labor involved. I completely understand.

  7. KJ, Thanks for your optimism. I don't have as many years in my journey as you do, so I don't have past experience to pull from yet.

    I'm not a fan of facebook either and you aren't missing much as I rarely update it. Blogging has been my true love, sounds bites don't satisfy.

    For all who still want to see what I am up to, here is my flickr photo stream where I remain active

    Laura and Lulu, Thanks you SO MUCH for reading my blog!!

  8. Ah! I am now where you were when you started. I'm so happy for you how things have turned out for you, especially your magnificent talent (and your photography skills, gosh!). Like Jeanne, I wish I'd found you sooner. I do hope to hear occasional updates from you, but I understand that life comes first and there are priorities :)

    (btw that basket is drop-dead gorgeous!)

  9. Mary, You are ending your blog with beautiful words and an outstanding basket. Over the past years, your blog has become a message from a friend. A friend who has inspired me, shared struggles with me, encouraged me, made me laugh and made my jaw drop with the beauty of your creations. I remember the first time you responded back to a post, it showed how invested you were in we your readers. Thank you for taking the time and energy to share so much with us.

    May your next chapter be full of positive energy and light!

  10. I have missed your blog post but totally understand your reasonings to leave the blogging world. But, I am SO happy that you will continue to post via Flickr.
    Bless you!

  11. I will miss your blog-it's very encouraging to me and I loved seeing the beautiful things you've made over my morning coffee....I so appreciate everything you have shared with us and like someone said above-you responded back to us with encouragement and hope that we could make things too. It was like we were on the journey with you. THANKS for that :)
    Will most definitely check in to Flickr from time to time :)
    Wish you the best!
    Kim (Texas)

  12. Talk about going out with a bang! That basket is awesome!!!

    I too will miss your blog, but I completely understand where you are coming from. However, your blog will remain and ppl will stumble on it and so a whole new group of ppl will be inspired and heartened on their own journeys.

    I am beginning a new adventure myself. I don't know that I will have the time for everything in my life, so I understand about balancing and prioritizing. :) I'm sure you made the right decision.

  13. Rose, thank you so much! I only know how to photograph jewelry, because that is all I ever do:)
    May you find that each year brings you more wire fulfillment, as it did me.

  14. Shelby, I am so happy we can continue to know each other through Flickr as well. The designs you are making are so yummy!

  15. Christine, thank you so much! I really tried to respond, though I know I let the ball drop sometimes and some readers fell through the cracks. But I really enjoyed everyone. And YOU have been such a blessing to me and a friend in return!

  16. Kim, that was such a dear message! I love that I was part of your morning coffee:) And I too felt like you were all on the journey with me. You will be missed. Do stop by flickr and say Hi if you want:)

  17. Tela, so very curious about what you are up to!? I'll be watching you to find out!

    I hope you are right, that the blog can continue to bless others:)

  18. I felt guided to come see your blog, and was really happy to see you had a new post. And a gorgeous basket! Then I realized as I read that this is your last post...and you seem to mean it. I said "seem to", because one never knows what happens in the future. (you see, I'm a die hard optimist! lol!). Also, I recently realized how to go around in Flickr. How to get notified when someone posts something new. Got to know all this after I got into photography. Anyway, I just added you as a contact. So now I will always know when you have added a new piece :-)).

  19. Sorry to read this! But thanks for all your sharing efforts, for all the inspiratios and best luck in your new journeys!

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