Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Week

This week, I did a little bit of everything, but not much of anything. I cleaned the house a little bit, I worked wire a little bit. I was playful a little bit, responsible a little bit, and I did a little bit of nothing at all:) Seems like nothing much at all got accomplished, but I will do the same thing next week, and I hope a little bit of everything will have a cumulative effect over time:)

This was a tool buying week. I broke my best cutters. I felt so helpless and vulnerable without them . (((shiver)))

I won't say what I was doing, except to say I deserved for them to break:)

I replaced them with these Lindstrom Ultra Flush cutters:

My new cutters don't get into small spaces the way my old ones did:( Another pair of Lindstrom cutters added to the tool buy list.

My new cutters make the best jump rings ever!! A million kisses all over my jump rings!

This week I learned not to use solder purchased from the hardware store:( The wonderful people over at The Creative Wire Jewelry Forum set me straight:)

I bought new solder, and now my butane torch can't melt it:( New torch added to the tool buy list.

This week I fussed with combining my two opposing design loves. I love fat organic wire in very simple forms, while also loving extravagantly detailed ornate wire wraps. I always feel like I have to sacrifice one to have the other, and I hate to sacrifice!

This moon brooch met the ultimate goal of bringing both forms to one piece. Though the detail part fell short for me a little bit, in that I wanted it to be even MORE eye-poppingly ornate. Still I was happy with what I accomplished so far:)

This week, Dear Blog Reader, I made you a cup of tea in my favorite teacup:)

This week I reworked an old design into a lush feast of simple pleasures, fat pearls, fat wire, and color, for you to enjoy with your tea.



would you like a chocolate Bob bon to go with that? ;)

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