Friday, November 27, 2009

No Copper Allowed

Jewelry Lessons is planning a new contest and I'm excited about it! You can find details here if interested

The idea is that artists are to make something that is just as rich and valuable as their best works but replace half the silver or gold with some other type of material, as long as it isn't copper. (EDIT: JL has revised their contest to allow copper. Seems less challenging to me, but I know many other poeple will be happier) It seems very challenging! JL was also very smart to allow two months for the contest to complete, this gives poeple plenty of time to participate. ...Now what to make?.....

I started a necklace that was meant to be a prototype for a silver design, but somewhere along the way I crossed the line and it became the real thing. It turned out to have a surprisingly gothic/romantic feel. It hangs really well around the neckline!

I've also been playing with some 10 gauge copper wire. Oww-y on the wrists and hands! But I love the forged look of this copper bangle. I hammered it and annealed it and shaped it into a bangle and I love the textures that came out in the metal.

I also tried texturing the wire using the concrete in my patio, but I didn't care for that one as much.


  1. Love the copper gothic looking pieces, and well done on managing to form the 10 gauge wire, and keep it looking so smooth.

    I'm thinking of entering the challenge at some point too.I was thinking of doing something in polymer clay....but I do have a tendency to change my mind a lot :)

  2. Your goddess necklaces are also a good choice. You don't want to swap out the silver? hehe

  3. Love, love the copper necklace! Reminds me of Guinevere. Very medieval princess!