Monday, February 28, 2011

Still Busy

Been so busy still. Finished another custom order this weekend to match the Eclipse Earrings.

Cleaned my work space and made some earrings with old components.
  There are more earrings too but I did not get the photo work  done yet.

My cleaned work space one week later looks like it did before I cleaned it:(

I have abandoned my original Bead Dreams idea, since it was a project that would take 7 full weeks and I just can't handle that right now. I started another smaller project, than sort of abandoned that.

Do you guys watch Top Chef? Last week Carla did not do well because she said she cooked from her 'pride' rather than from her 'heart'. I relate to that as I struggle with making something for the Bead Dreams contest. I'm thinking maybe I should drop all my ideas and just ask myself the simple question of what does my heart really want to make, and then just submit that, no matter if it is awesome or not.

Anyways, I'm kind messy right now:)

PS. Also I'm sorry I haven't been responding to comments. You guys have left me some very dear comments and I treasure them more than you know!


  1. I look at what you are doing and I want to pack my tools and wire and come hide under your work table so I can You keep me totally fascinated and awed.

  2. Thank you Melissa!

    Mary:)) That's so sweet:)

  3. Mary, I'll have to vacuum under that work table first though;) Heehee!!

  4. Kinda wierd isn't it...Mary talking to Mary. As for the vacuum, my work table isn't much better and I continually try and get scraps up so my furbaby doesn't end up with them in his hair.

  5. Mary is a very rare name these days:) Go us!!

    I have to be careful about leaving wire around so cats don't get tangled in it:)

  6. Super sublime pendant and cute earrings.... I haven't been following Top Chef...follow tons of other's though...Congrats on cleaning your work space...I've been horrible about cleaning's like the surface of an uncharted new planet right now....scary! I think it's best to follow your heart on your pieces....some are going to have more drool appeal than others...but all pieces that are well thought out and crafted well are winners! ♥

  7. LOvely loVEly wonderful necklace! Gorgeous piece and I so relate to the workbench messy woes!

  8. Sue, I agree with your design thoughts. Now if only I can find where I left my heart in this messy work area:))

    Chris, Thank you!!