Thursday, February 17, 2011

Too Many Projects

  I've gotten myself into too many projects and it feels like nothing is getting done. This month has been the busiest sales month I have ever had with Etsy sales and custom order requests. I did not expect, and thereby leave room in my life, for sales and orders:)

  I've spent quite a bit of time on my Bead Dreams project to the detriment of my housekeeping which makes me feel very disordered and yucky. As far as the project goes, I feel like a child who is trying to make a Mona Lisa out of elbow macaroni. I think I may have to drop my hopes of entering this year to protect my sanity and happiness. Not shutting the door quite yet though.

Here is my Mom's bangle for those who haven't seen my Flickr.

Here is my Year of Jewelry submission for the week. A very simple project that has been on my desk for several months and in my mind even longer.

  Hope to spend the coming weekend regrouping and prioritizing 'too many projects'.


  1. Love the bangle as well. Plus, you are not alone when it comes to letting housework slide in favor of working with the wire...sigh. I finally had to clean up the living room, kitchen, and conquer the laundry and the DH had been sweet enough not to say anything before hand.

  2. The bracelet is beautiful but her necklace and beautiful ..... compliments

  3. Thank you Stefanie!

    Anon, your husband sounds like a peach!!

    Thank you Lulu!!

  4. Both pieces are beautiful as usual :)
    Whether you enter the contest or not I can't wait to see what you are making and I'll bet time will fly and next year's contest will be here before you know it. Whenever you do enter a piece, you are bound to be a winner!

  5. both are stunning Mary, I'm loving the necklace