Monday, May 9, 2011

Bangle set

  I was going to make a set of 6 bangles, but I ran out of the size silver I wanted. That, and the price put a stop to my plans:)

  I've gone back to work on my Bead Dreams project this weekend. I ripped out all the weaving and changed the wire gauge size and I'm liking it better:)


  1. The bangles are just gorgeous! But then so is all of your work! Can't wait to see the Bead Dreams project once it's finished!

  2. How beautiful!! Silver prices have become rather prohibitive, haven't they? Good thing copper looks pretty. What is the bead dream project? Hugs...

  3. Thank you Shelby!!

    Swati, Bead Dreams is a once yearly competition held by Bead and Button. I had wanted to enter for the wirework category this year but wasn't able to get my project moving along fast enough. So now I am trying to do something fantastic to enter next year.

    Here is a link to Bead and Buttons online gallery of past entries. Quite a viewing feast!!

  4. I adore the light blue beaded bangle! So beautiful.