Monday, May 30, 2011

Spiral Necklace

  I know I have been neglecting the blog, especially when my mother emails to inquire why I have not updated lately:)
  There are a number of unfinished wire projects strewn about the work area. I would show you, but I'm embarrassed by the sheer volume of incomplete designs I have accumulated since the beginning of the year.
  I did finish something this afternoon just so I could write a blog post. This spiral necklace was inspired by a necklace Lynne Merchant was wearing the day I visited. Only hers was in silver and she had a different configuration of spiral clusters. I thought the clusters of spirals were extremely voluptuous and sensuous and I wanted one for myself.
  The necklace looks great on and feels beautiful laying against the neck.


  This week I have been working on a wire sculpture along the lines of The Tangle and The Vine Pot. I expect to finish in the next week or two. I have not worked a design that requires 40+ hours of time since late last year.

  Mid June is the second anniversary of this blog. I have a few things I'll want to say about that in the coming weeks.

  Thank you to all who left comments last week. Blogger was acting up and it was impossible to respond, but I appreciate you.


  1. This neackle is very very good... and sexy! :-D

  2. A beautiful and sensual design!!!

  3. This is beautiful! As I do love spirals, I can feel this design calling to me. Well Done!