Monday, August 1, 2011

Twined Carnelian Necklace

  Another design that was 'not as planned'. I'll be doing another necklace soon that will include the mistake part of this design:)

  I didn't want to redo the other component so I changed my design to something easier. I think maybe it turned out better this way:)

  My photography is pretty bad, I know, but I'm too lazy to fix it. Sorry!


  1. Not sure which part was a 'mistake' but the necklace is gorgeous! And I love the carnelian :)

  2. Mary this is gorgeous, I know I said that already on FB. Love the intricate weaving which draws the eye into its complexity. The chain and coils are great compliments and the carnelians are perfect. Seems your designs flow when they aren't so totally planned out??
    Love it! Well Done and do not see any sort of mistake.

  3. Thank you Christine (Clay Chick). I didnt place the mistake part in the necklace:)

    Thank you 'other' Christine:) Maybe my designs are better not getting my way:)

  4. Beautiful!

    It's funny how some pieces come together. Some of my best pieces were "accidents" or changed right in the middle.

    This has a nice Peruvian feel to it. Your work is so impressive, truly perfection.