Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not What I Wanted

 I'm being less controlling this month. I'm not trying to get my way about everything. I let my other needs and living my life get in the way of my wire agenda more often.

  In some ways I am more content, even though my longing to do more wire has not lessened. I am trying to make peace with my life as it is, and I have been successful.
  So I don't get much done:)

  And I have begun a strange, for me, way of working. Which is to have multiple projects going at once. I flit like a butterfly from one idea to the next but that method gets nothing done also.

So I guess this brooch is a good example of my frame of mind. This design was "not the plan". Very far off from the original plan in fact. I usually recycle the work that falls too far from the design idea.

I just couldn't stand to not rescue this design and get something done. So this is me, not getting my way but rescuing the situation:) It's growing on me. I like it's whimsical quirkiness.

The vintage abalone button is much nicer and shinier than it appears in my photo work.


  1. Happy to see a new creation and I love it! The weave is very cool and precise as always. It is good you rescued this piece as it is beautiful and yes whimsically quirky.

    Always a blessing to find contentment or to let it find you.

  2. Christine, hi!! Yes it is a blessing to find the elusive contentment:)) Thanks friend!!

  3. The piece is lovely, but its even nicer you feel peace. ((((hugs)))