Saturday, September 24, 2011

Buyer Scams

   Something you friends don't know about me, is that I used to sell vintage costume jewelry and vintage beads on Ebay about 10 years ago. I have over 1000 internet Ebay sales under my belt. I was only scammed once.

  Since I have been selling on Etsy, I have about 80 sales total between two shops I have, and I have been scammed twice.

  I fell for the latest scam hook, line, and sinker, so I want to warn other shop owners. I received an email from Paypal, or so I thought... that I had received money from an item that sold in my shop. I believed it and I did not check my paypal account.

  I saw that the buyer had many excellent feedbacks to her name and I saw nothing suspicious about the transaction. Nor do I look to Etsy itself to tell me whether or not an item is paid for. So I sent it and left feedback for her.

 As soon as I left feedback she convos me to say she needs to cancel the order. I said no problem, return the item and I will refund you. I still don't see anything strange going on! At worst I expected her to try and withdraw her transaction on paypal. Blind woman that I am, it finally gets through my head that she never paid me at all!!

  So be careful and double check that you have received cash.


The other scam I have fallen for is to send the item, leave feedback, and than the buyer withdraws their payment on paypal claiming that I cheated them. If I haven't saved my receipt proving shipment, I have no hope to prove myself to paypal.

I since save all my post office receipts for a year after the sale.


I know many of you readers are savvy women who don't need to be told these things, but a reminder and some information can't hurt.

I've got a cool bracelet in the works, should be done today or tomorrow.



  1. Mary, What an awful violation to have been scammed under two scenarios. It makes me very angry on your behalf and the others this has happened to. No matter how savvy one is, the reminders never hurt.

    All excited to see your latest creation!

  2. Thank you mary for sharing. its appreciated :)

    i so love your ideas...the pin that you made earlier reminds me of the hats the european women wore around 1800s

  3. Just today my daughter was scammed by someone on Craig's List where she was looking for a job. Poor girl, she really felt bad. :( Of course, she'll no better next time.

  4. Mary, are you saying you go through the line at the post office and get a receipt for sending your items?