Sunday, September 25, 2011

Twined Button Cuff

  I blogged about this cuff almost an entire year ago.

  I was ready to deal with all the problems it gave me last time.

Embellishing was really tricky, every gemstone bead or stick pearl I tried to embellish with made it look cheap and contrived. When ready to give up I thought of my button box. I'm so glad my original ideas failed, because these buttons really rock it!

  Copper wire, plastic buttons, red suede leather, jasper drop

  And just like last time I have a blister;)


  1. Mary, WOW!! You perservered and came up with an awesome cuff! I love it...the design, the weaving, the weaving pattern and the button embellishments all come together to form one outstanding piece. Sorry about the blister but it seems a reasonable sacrifice to the cause of art. You totally rock!

  2. Christine, it was a reasonable sacrifice!! haha have you tried any wire twining yourself yet? I know you are a capable basket maker!

  3. Mary, I really would like to try wire twining but need a lesson. My playing around has not worked out. Any suggestions??

  4. This is jaw droppingly stunning!!! Wow! You outdid yourself. I would never have thought of buttons but they work PERFECTLY!!!!! Your twining is perfection, Mary. I bow to you :) How long did this take, do you think, all told?

    The blisters are just an indication that you deserve some time off after this tour de force. :)

  5. Sheridan, thank you so much!!! :)

    Christine, do you have any pictures of your failed twining projects that you can email to me? If not, maybe you can email me some verbal description of the difficulty? If you are willing. I think I can help if I know more about what sort of lessons are needed. Email is

    Tela, yes those buttons are great right? I never would have thought of it either if not for desperation:)

    The spoke wires were already made from last year. I twined at least 8 hours on saturday. Sunday was for embellishment.

    I do need time off, because I didn't do my weekend chores and now I'm behind:(( But I am wearing the bracelet today:)


  7. Oh boy!!! This is really really spectacular!! I love love love the fact I love the weaving so much, that even if it had no embellishments, I'd still be drooling all over it. This is just waaaaaaaaay tooooo awesome!

  8. Swati, this is currently my favorite design and I've fallen madly in love with it. The weaving is SO GOOD for touching. Friend I wish you could be here to see it in person:)

    I've fallen in love with it but I did design it to sell and will be offering it to some folks tomorrow. If they don't buy, it will go online soon and on facebook. I already have one awesome cuff and I want to be a seller, so I better not keep everything:(

    I just want to make another cuff right away!! A million of them!! heehee:)) Hugs!!

  9. Mary, I am not surprised you are so in love with this. I am too! Even without seeing it in person. This is just....I don't know which adjective to use. I love this as much as I love your vessels...and you know how nutty I am about those. I can sense that this weave will be great to touch...I feel like running my fingertip over it. One day when I finally get over my "no-creativity" phase, I have to try twinning. Been meaning to, for the longest time, ever since staring into a basket weaving book. And then seeing all these gorgeous twinning projects you make. Someone reeeeeeally lucky will be wearing this one Mary. How long did it take to make this?

  10. Swati, I think it took about 8 hours of furious weaving to complete the twine. That does not include the time for making the spokes or all the time figuring out how to embellish it. You know how difficult these designs can be to count up:)
    You've done beautiful weaves in the past, Your twines will be lovely when you make them!