Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Waiting for the Sunrise Tapestry

 This tapestry was inspired by a song written and sung by my nephew. It was also part of a challenge over at the Jewelry Makers Forum.

here is the cut and paste of what I wrote for the forum challenge.

The music this design is inspired by is written and sung by my nephew, It's called "Waiting for the Sunrise" and you can listen to it here

The song fills me with longing, and that longing was channeled into a wish to express it and its beauty with my hands by weaving a tapestry. I love the mystery in the songs theme and wanted to capture that in my design.

I feel the strength and courage of the writer to see things through to completion and wait for hope to rise even when it looks dark and appears to be long in coming.

I had no idea how to do a 'tapestry like' weave and did not have a clue how it should look, so I borrowed loosely from the song itself and wove a somewhat stylized sun rising along with a stylized mysterious type sky.

  I am very happy with it for a first try:) Also, the grey looking button at the bottom of the tapestry is actually blue and the same color as the kyanite, but sometimes plastics don't photograph well.


  1. Wow!!! Eccezionale!!!! Complimenti!!!

  2. wwwwooooowwwww......!!!!!

  3. Mary, this is a beautiful representation of a very beautiful song. After reading the new tute, I was wondering how to do the weave like this. I really like it. I also like the way you used symbolism in your piece. The song and your piece are both very evocative . :)

  4. Meant to add a thank you for playing along with our little challenge. You being the first one done will surely inspire others. :)

  5. Oh my goodness...that is so beautiful. I want your tut but will have to see if I can get the hubby to give me his PayPal info first.
    That piece flows and speaks to you. Awesome!

    Scrimshaw Mary

  6. Mary, This tapestry is incredible. You have taken the beautiful words of the song and woven them into wire. How exciting to let the music flow through your heart into your hands.
    You never cease to amaze and inspire me.

  7. I am so glad this piece spoke to all who left a comment here. It meant a lot to me that you said so:))

    Tela, clarify? Does the tute I wrote help you think how to do this? which would be good. Or does it leave you feeling lost?

  8. So fun to see this after seeing it in the beginning stages. Great job!

  9. Karissa, so glad you dropped by the blog! I was going to make sure Debi told you about it. Now I don't have too:)

  10. I just love it Mary-it's beautiful!
    I think it is very much a tapestry...
    Kim (Texas)

  11. Awe!
    Really fantastic design! Will listen to the song as soon as I get home!

  12. I'm speechless. That, my friend, is mind blowing.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. I love this! Very Beautiful and really inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing your work, techniques, & for the listing me in an earlier post, much appreciated! All the best to you. Look forward to seeing what you're working on next.