Friday, December 30, 2011

Another Sea Urchin

  I had no idea there was so much variety of design in a sea urchin.There is a wealth of creative inspiration in the uniqueness of each one.

  Also I am enjoying making squashy balls:))

This is steel, silver fill, gold plate over sterling, and gold plate over brass. 2.5Inch in diameter


  1. Dear Ms. Angsty, I love this second urchin. I've always loved urchins and you did a great job! <3 your sis.

  2. Oh I love this...I am enjoying your seashore theme...makes winter bearable :)

  3. These are truly stunning. Are seahorses next?

  4. This urchin is my favorite so far. :)

    Seahorses are a great idea. And maybe... wire starfish?

  5. Thank you everybody! I do have in mind to do a starfish and a scalloped shell. I don't have any brilliant sea horse ideas at the moment:)

  6. Mary, your urchins are outstanding! I love the uniqueness of each design. They call out to you to feel their textures and explore their inner designs. Who new urchins had so much personality? So happy you are creating..maybe your muse will stimulate mine!
    Happy New Year!

  7. This is just so beautiful! I just love your designs. Happy new year!

  8. I love your urchins!! Rather than looking like Christmas ornaments, they have a very organic look. Love the steel wire. I find stainless steel hard to work with, but you don't seem to have a problem with steel wire. Is it stainless?

    The perfection in your work and designs is always inspiring. Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  9. Tela, it is funny you should mention Xmas ornaments because before Xmas I wanted to make an ornamental ball but found it too daunting.

    I'm laughing now because this is the exact technique I would now use to make one!

    This wire is NOT stainless steel. It is called 'dark annealed' wire at the hardware store. So it has been annealed already. I found an online supplier last night and purchased many small gauges in bulk. I will recommend the supplier to my readers but only after I have seen the wire and am sure about my purchase.

    The larger gauges can be hard on the wrists to work with, but I was making many tight turns with it all day long in the spiral shells. Large curves would not be as painful.

    I'm excited about how it looks and its cost!

  10. Thanks Mary. I wonder if rust will be a problem. I love the look! Looking forward to hearing more about it.

  11. Tela, Yes, rust is a problem from what I hear. Some people embrace that. The other option is to coat it with a clear lacquer spray, or maybe use renaissance wax.

    It's going to take some experimenting...

  12. Your other sea creatures are amazing, but this one blows me away! So beautiful!
    I truly hope that your obligations and work load will leave you time enough to explore wire further and create more surprising beauties. ;-)

    I find the idea of a rusting sea urchin intriguing. It's a contradiction in itself to have a water creature rust. But then I love contradictions, and I love rust. ;-)