Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sea Urchin

  My first try at a sea urchin shell. It looks better in person because the eye does not pick up as many distracting details as the camera does.

  It's made of steel and silver fill wire with gold fill beads.

  I also wrapped a rock found in my driveway with steel wire. Very much a Lynne Merchant inspired design.


  1. Oh, Mary!!! Susie and I are already in love with your urchin!!! And the other, more plain shells also, including the rock from the driveway. I shall have to bring rocks with me so you can show me how. See you soon, Mom

  2. I am going to call you this morning to ask you to choose between a sea shell collection or a twined tea strainer for your birthday. I had a feeling you might want a shell collection:) I'll call you to discuss colors:)) Love you!!

  3. I must say that your work is amazing, the shells are beautiful and special and this.....!!! Compliments..

  4. What a great urchin! I'm in awe. :)

    I also love the way you wrapped that stone. Very cool!