Saturday, March 17, 2012

Black Gold Hoops

  I couldn't be more pleased with myself this week. Finally after all these years, I am making some decent earrings:)

  I feel like I'm on the right track. Working designs that really express me; with the right amount of architectural forms and details to make me happy.

  Sterling and fine silver, gold fill, gold plate over sterling, gold plate over brass. 2 inches.


  1. Mary, I can feel your excitement with these beauties and rightfully so...Awesome! The design is so well engineered resulting in a well constructed, complex and beautiful design.
    The silver weave down the center adds just the right element of bling; flowing like a vine from the flower. Your muse is in a very happy place! Well Done!!

  2. The weave down the center does look silver in the images but it is a gold fill wire.

    Christine, in my excitement I forgot to mention that I did not think these earrings were going to turn out. They really didn't look so great when they were just unwoven frames:))

  3. I love this new direction, Mary! These are gorgeous in every way! I think of May flowers when I see these. They look like they are waiting to be carried on the arm, through a lush, dew kissed garen, to be filled with fresh cut flowers. Very evocative!

    You have inspired me to do some more earrings myself. I think I have a few things kicking around to got to work with.


    (I have so much trouble posting on your blog sometimes)

  4. Hi, Mary. My first time visiting your blog and I'm thrilled to have discovered you and your work.
    Beautiful, clever things. I'm going to be so inspired and learn so much! Jane A

  5. I love the combination of black silver and adds a feeling of mystery.

  6. Thank you for that comment Jane! I'd love to know the blog inspired you and helped you grow in wirework.

    Swati, thank you so much!!

  7. Oh! This is super! Reminiscent of Parisian florists baskets. :)

  8. Very beautiful. Antique looking. Love to look at your work and droll. Maybe someday I can do similar things. Keep trying but it's a lot of work. Thank you for sharing.