Sunday, March 25, 2012


  It's very freeing to my mind to go into my work space and know in advance what I am to be working on. Anything Oceana! All sorts of materials from high to low end and techniques can be used as long as they all follow the ocean theme. It's really quite fun to explore just how many ways I can express our bountiful seas.

Sterling and fine silver, pearls, hematite, and silk

   This necklace uses bronze wire purchased from Nancy Wickman's etsy store.  This is terrific wire and the photo doesn't do it justice. It's everything I ever wished brass would be but wasn't. It's very warmly toned and when left unoxidized has the appearance of gold. When heavily oxidized it turns a deep rich brown rather than black. What you see here is an oxidized version that has been polished with steel wool and tumbled.

   It's pleasurable to work with too, more malleable than brass but stronger than copper. It behaves well and does what it's told.

   I captured a glass marble to give the appearance of a glass float from the ocean. The necklace consists of bronze, glass marble, pearl, amethyst, and silk

  The only problem I am having is that I like everything I'm making and want to keep it all:)


  1. Having a theme seems to really work for you! You have been creating some real lovelies. I love the second necklace. It's so unusual and well done. I love the big cones. Both of them have a real luscious quality with the pearls and colors.

    I'm waiting for Nancy to get some 1/2 round before I try this wire, but I'm dying to try it.

  2. oh wow! love the additions to Oceana! I am so glad you posted this because I've been wanting to order some of that bronze wire from Nancy's store--now I sort of have the official go-ahead! hee hee (thanks!)
    Love the pieces-
    Kim (Texas)

  3. Mary, I can see you and your muse are having so much fun with Oceana. Your results are outstanding. I really like both necklaces, each capturing a different personality. The phosphor bronze really is great to work with. It looks outstanding on your float necklace. I too would like to wear either piece so understand your wanting to keep them! May your muse stay happy!

  4. Thanks everyone for your comments! I'm glad others like the second necklace; I feared I would be the only one!

  5. Lovely pieces! And bronze is gorgeous, isn't it? However, I know I'll find it tough to work with Phosphor Bronze wire. That's why I went to the bronze colored enameled antiqued copper wire. Even that was harder than regular copper, and way harder than the fine silver or sterling I am more used to. But it was a happy compromise...because it was softer than real bronze, and yet the color....the color is to die for, isn't it? I just LOVE the warmth of bronze!!

  6. Swati, I remember the lovely colored copper you worked with recently. Since I have been using steel wire, the bronze is not as hard on my hands as the steel is. I've got hands of steel:))

  7. I love BOTH of them! It looks like you knotted the pearls in the second one and you handled the ends in your usual genius technical fashion. Would you mind if I also posted your pics on my blog?


  8. Nancy, of course you can!! Your wire is terrific!!