Saturday, June 20, 2009

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

Photography for tutorial was even harder than I thought it would be. The only photography I know is jewelry pictures, using a light box and settings on my camera I prefer to never ever touch!!

I thought it would be just like more jewelry pictures but the lighting didn't work in the same way, and there was lot's more technical matters like picture quality and this magical 300 DPI number to worry about.

But for all that trouble this nice lady sent me to a free photo editor that is much easier to use and allows me to change the DPI of a photo at the click of a button. Not only is it easier to use but it also auto adjusts my photos much better than my old photoshop did.

After finally getting magazine pictures sent off for review I spent the afternoon reading Etsy advice on shop pictures and double checking that my photos have been meeting Etsy requirements also, now that I'm expert and understand what they want;)

Etsy advice to sexy up a pic? Don't show the entire piece, go in even closer and leave people wanting to see the whole thing and rotate your item so the shot is not straight on. And the part I left unsaid is simply that it must be a GOOD photo, very clear and sharp.

Check out my shop to see these new kind of pictures, many items got updated photos today!

And now for some Blog eye candy - If my sister-in-law (and you know who you are) likes this necklace more than the one in the shop she may have it. If she prefers the one in the shop I will take it down and put this one up instead.

This one reminds me more of you with it's lighter colors and more romantic delicate feel.

All sterling with 1920's high quality crystal and black glass from the 40's.

You're probably doing a double take right now huh? Yes I'm talking to you!!! hehe:)

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