Sunday, June 28, 2009

Design Sense

I have been coming home after work and sitting down to jewelry stuff for almost a month straight now. I'ts been satisfying because many of my projects are working out - as opposed to the past where projects end up in the shoebox after hours of effort.

I am very motivated by technique and often go chasing after the 'how to' of something, whether or not the thing is even aesthestically pleasing to me. I buy tutorials from other wire artists occasionally when I can't stand not knowing how they 'did that'. I read the tutorial just to learn the technique but rarely do I actually do the project.

But the point of this post, is that - after a month of committed effort I find myself more interested in aesthetics - I have a stronger sense of what I want design wise. It's handy to have a repetoire of techniques to help me make what I want:)

Now if I can just get my photography to truly display the lovely wire....

This set of earrings didn't make it into the shop this weekend. They are going for a 'test drive' to see how they hold up under 'real life' conditions:)

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