Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Behind the Scenes

I want this blog to be about some of the trials and frustrations of my wire work. I have often wished I could have a behind the scenes peak at the work of some great wire artists. Usually I just get to see finished work that is stunning and beautifully completed as if it all came together for them effortlessly.

I work in a very solo and isolated way. Living in LA there are plenty of wire work classes and bead shops around, but the prices for these classes are astronomical. And if you purchase supplies from these shops you will pay more than double what you would pay on the internet for the same supplies. At this point, most of the classes offered would be too easy for me anyway.

So my work is done in a solo setting where I don't get a chance to see other people throw their pliers down or rewrap multiples times, or see what their 'failed project' box might look like or if they even have one.

Though I do my actual 'work' solo, if it were not for books and the internet I would not be where I am today. If not for Sharylin Millers "Bead on a Wire', I never would have had the courage to make this trip. Lynne Merchants tassels shown in "All Wired Up" are like a carrot on a stick to keep me going during hard times. Eni Okens fresh ideas opened up possibilites and her affordable tutorials and generosity helped me to think outside the box. Iza Malczyks eye popping designs set a bench mark for excellence that makes me try harder to wrap neatly and meet a higher standard.

Without these poeple I would not be where I am today. It would be something to see what goes on in their work areas. I am afraid everything does just comes together for them effortlessly!! ROFL - but... in my workshop/studio/errr... livingroom floor it looks more like this:

Working on a pair of earrings here. The first picture shows one earring that is on its second wrap. Still the wire isn't flowing but stumbling all over it's self.

The second picture finally gets it right. I'm very happy with the flow of wire here. Now I have to rewrap the first earring again, that will be the third time that earring gets wrapped as I tried to figure out how to make this work!

As of right now, I am not loving the spiral part of the design as much as I thought I would. It's looking like an after thought and unbalanced. Not sure what I will do about that.

I'm looking forward to oxidizing them soon!


  1. Thank you for the encouragement for someone still vastly inferior in skill to you. It's good to know that you have those moments too...It gives us hope :]

  2. thank you for those words. for someone who just began to wire it is good to those times. it give me hope..:)