Wednesday, July 1, 2009

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

I'm working on a necklace right now that I like to call 'The Sampler', named after the old embroidery samplers girls made 100 years ago to show off different types of stitches. The Sampler has been on my design 'to do' list for more than a year.

It's like setting out on a great Trek, climbing a mountain, crossing an ocean and one can't know for sure whether they will reach their destination. You just set out with all the fortitude you can muster.

But as so often happens to me in the middle of a project I am hit with sudden despair and certainty that I will hate it, that it will look stupid and this whole affair was a bad idea from the start and I have made a terrible mistake. Than I don't even want to bother finishing it.
I know this about myself, so to combat that I have to discipline myself to finish what I started. I reassure myself that not every design can be a mountain top experience, but I must finish what was started.

This powerful urge to quit happened to me when I made the peruvian opal ring shown in my blog. I really like the finished ring and was surprised how nice it turned out!

The Sampler necklace is meant to be made up of vintage brown art glass beads, vintage carnelian ( I think it's carnelian, it was never labeled) and some new agate I have on hand. It was always my plan that these particular vintage beads would go into one piece together. What threw me was that the carnelian stones are 1" in diameter and make a bulky necklace. That is a style I am not used to. I like my necklaces a bit more petite than that.

So than I decided my idea was ruined and I needed to turn this into 2 or 3 downsized necklaces. Now I am back to the idea of one longer necklace than I had in mind.

Will the Angsty Artist love it or hate it? Will it be one necklace or more than one? Stay tuned to find out....

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