Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

I seem to have my holidays mixed up!! This is how I spent my Fourth of July!

A James Bond marathon and one 'Marley and Me' movie later we have the 'The Hearts'.

I'm thrilled with this design but they won't go up for sale because I feel the wrapping could have been done so much better. The wrapping technique failed due to some inexperience and also due to poor eye sight. I will have to go buy one of those large magnifying glass/lights if I continue to work this small. Which I suspect I will.

The size of the heart is only 1 1/8 " across. They look freakin' great on!!

It is also the first time I wire wrapped chain into the design and I'm liking that alot. It was less fiddly and easier to manage the chain than I thought it would be.

At a later date I may rewrap them again but after 15 hours of looking at them I need a break! I learned alot though and I'm loving the criss cross caging technique which I just came up with this week solely from necessity:)

The stones and coloring of the piece are quite wonderful, red sapphires, moonstone, labradorite, garnet and micro pearls.

I'm pretty excited about this last week being a big step forward for me in design and skill! I only hope I can keep it up;)

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