Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saying "Hi"

Dropping by the Blog to say Hi! :) My mind is more on Xmax gifts and shopping and house cleaning, rather than jewelry making at the moment:)

I'm starting to want to do some ambitious time-consuming jewelry project again, but I don't have a design idea as of yet, and I won't have time until over the Holidays when I expect to have some time off from work.

I'm sure I will have a post or two up during December, but I won't be very active again until the end of the year.

Just barely managed to pull off a submission to Year of Jewelry this week: The Ruby Brooch

The following pics are for my daughter's sake, becasue she doesn't follow my flickr account. To most of you it's old news:)

Oh yeah, while I am at it, let me throw in a failure:( This ring was what I was having so much trouble soldering a few weeks ago. You see the bad soldering if you look closely, and also the ring turned out way too big:( I want to be able to make soldered closed frames like many other wire artists do, but I still have a ways to go!


  1. The brooch and that necklace with the red pendant are both really beautiful, I quite love 'em! Thanks for posting stuff for me <3

  2. Your ruby brooch is wuite lovely!! I may be a bit behind the times here, but what is a "Year of Jewelry"?

  3. Shannon, YOJ is a project run by the Creative Wire Jewelry forum

    There is a link on my blog to the project

    If you are in it you commit to make one piece of jewelry a week for a year. But you can join just for a quarter also. Everyone posts their pieces every week and they do have weekly themes but rarely are they followed. It's pretty casual. Check it out - you might want to join!

  4. Interesting. I had no idea something like this existed...
    I need to check this out!
    Thanks, Mary!!

  5. I'm in LOVE with the Ruby brooch. Lucky you to find a ruby with a hole big enough for the heavy wire needed for a brooch. I think you're being too hard on yourself with the ring - I'd wear it in a heart beat.

  6. Angie, I drilled the ruby to make it large enough for my wire;)