Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Long Pause...

I haven't made any jewelry in almost 3 weeks! I thought for certain I would use my holiday time off from work to make all sorts of things but I made nothing at all.

I did take care of other areas of my life that were troubling me. I enjoyed decluttering the house and putting order into my world and making some repairs that I had ignored. I painted the inside of closets that haven't seen a paint brush in 35 years. I did alot of raking of leaves.

I got a Wii and reorganized my living room so that it would be more spacious for playing with it. This was my solution to the couch potato problem of sitting all the time. So far I have had fun with the Wii and I am sore in various places:) So far so good with that plan.

I haven't had any desire to jump back into the jewelry making:( In early December I was feeling a bit burned out by it but I hadn't wanted to confess that. I am feeling uninspired. It feels horrible to say that out loud !!

I'm not giving up but I do need to reconnect with some joy in the wire. To figure out what I really want to make.

In the meantime I got a big pile of stuff to Ebay, the Wii to play and another closet to paint. I'm still here, not gone, but maybe a little lost;)

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