Monday, March 8, 2010


Like I've been saying in my blog recently, I have been doing a lot of cool new designs with basketweaving. This pendant started out meaning to be a simple wire bead with a chic bead cap on each end. It was supposed to be chic and elegant, but it rebelled and forced me to make this cute thing that reminds me of a strawberry!

The large wire bead is the basketweaving (for real basket weavers, the technique is called 'coiling'), woven over top of an onyx bead. The pendant is a little bit big, just over 2 inches high. Next time I do this I will choose a smaller bead to work with. Also, smaller bead will mean less hours to weave next time;)

For those who follow my blog regularly, I hope this makes up for the fact that I never showed you my other project; the one I turned in to Copper Wire Jeweler's magazine.


  1. What a beautiful coiled fruit necklace there Mary, love it!
    The Wicker Woman®-Cathryn Peters

  2. Thank you Cathryn! So surprised a real basket make found my site. I loved looking at your beautiful things!

  3. Lovely work, great new direction Mary