Sunday, March 14, 2010


I worked so hard in the last 3 weeks. 40 hours spent on one design, 16+ hours spent on the sterling fruit design. Plus more hours spent on various components and half baked ideas. I find myself to be dog tired and worn out and needing refreshment. So excuse me while I slow down a bit and get my taxes done and my driver's license renewed.

My work space is a mess with various components, either experimental creations or supplies not put away. I've started cleaning it up, and I decided to make some simpler designs from some of the components.

This woven pendant was only meant to be experimental, but I thought he was cute enough to not be thrown into the graveyard

Copper, kyanite, moonstone and pearl.

I've decided that my heart definitely lies in making challenging and experimental type designs, rather than more simpler designs - but it does take a lot more out of me.

Spring has come to LA, the flowers are blooming, the hills are green, the sun is warm. Me and the cat are thinking about sitting in the patio for a bit doing nothing at all;)

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  1. Oooo...aaaaa...This is so pretty!! And I love the dangles detail! Love it!