Saturday, July 17, 2010

Did I Do That?... and Process

I'm so surprised at what I made today. I felt so guilty and uncomfy working with the wire this morning because the living room is a mess with stuff of my daughter's that needs to go into storage and trash from a furniture box we had recently assembled.

I sat in the middle of this mess on the couch and proceeded to make it even worse with wire and beads and tools getting all jumbled up about me as they do when I'm working:)

But now I feel justified having wasted the morning and half the afternoon with wire! Hurray for that!!

I marvel that I was able to make something like this. I'm still pinching myself!

Before I made this design there was an awful lot of fiddling with wire that went no where over a period of several days. Many ideas were tried and found wanting and left for trash. Here is just a sampling of what is getting trashed.

Which brings me to my second subject:

According to the article in CWJ magazine "Successful Selling", I should not share my process if I want to sell, or my self criticisms. I'm sure that is good advice. But, I am so weary of a world that revolves entirely around 'image'.

A year ago I was so hungry to see the design process behind many wire artists. Everything they do appears to be so effortless. Every design they show appears to be only the top of the line as if they never make anything ordinary or boring. It made me feel discouraged when I struggled to come up with designs and the wire would not obey my fingers, when others appeared to have nothing but successes and great ideas.

One thing you don't know about me, is that I kept a private journal for years and wrote in it everyday. I enjoy writing, it is a second creative outlet for me. But I like to write about real things and not just make 'images' of things that are perfect or out of reach. This blog is a perfect compliment to my wire work.

I hope my blog is an encouragement to those who read it. I hope that when you are suffering with the wire and seemingly wasted hours of your time, that this blog will cause you to take heart. You're not alone!


  1. mary absolutely gorgeous ! Love love it

  2. Thank you Emi!! I'm glad to see your still part of the blog world!:))

  3. Beautiful! I too feel guilty if I am working on jewelry when the house is a mess...but I realized, that sometimes, creating beauty in the middle of chaos is the thing that is needed by my soul.

    I didn't know that one shouldn't share the process if one needs to be a successful seller. I had read the opposite in many places. But setting aside what I read, I completely agree with you. I am tired with the self-obesession too...the image, the me- me-me, the competition. I really don't like any competitions. I wish no one had to compete with others to prove themselves good. I wish the only one we had to "compete" with was ourself. It truly is tiring. Yes, selling is important to me...but even before that, it is the pleasure of creating, of mingling and talking with those who love doing the same thing, sharing with each other to improve ourselves that is even more important to me. Anytime anyone asks me anything, I love to tell them anything they need to know. I have been very lazy in taking in-process photos of what I do...but I have been meaning to do that too on my blog. I find it so interesting to see other artists' process, the work-in-progress. So I thought it might be interesting for people if they read my blog. So hopefully I'll stop being lazy and do that more. This time I did take pictures of my bottle in progress...hubby will be back on Tuesday...then I will happily post those pictures from his iPhone.

    To me it is beautiful to be inspired by someone or to inspire someone.

    I'm impressed you write journals. I used to as a child. I have tried doing that again. I like journaling on real paper with a pen. But I also worry about someone reading it. So I end up not writing.

  4. Just wonderful and gorgeous, you are a great artist!!!!

  5. Swati, from what little I know of you, it doesn't surprise me that you feel similar.
    So many corporations/businesses go about things purely based on monetary success and leave out the spiritual side of life. When we seperate things like that it leaves life cold.
    I do like to compete, but not in order to push others down. So many great artists and inspired me to be better/faster/stronger lol
    To have a successful journal definitely requires a sense of safety and ultimate privacy. I can see why one would just not bother if they don't feel safe enough.

  6. Hello Mary, not sure how I stumbled onto your blog but so glad I did.......its nice to see more of your work. I do enjoy it when you post in the gallery at BD.......
    I`ve spent some time looking at everything...your work is just amazing....thank you for sharing it for all to see.....
    all the best

  7. Hi Tamara! I'm glad you found me. I always enjoy your comments at BD. Thank you:)

  8. What is inside? A magic potion? :D It's beautiful!

  9. Hehe Isabela:) Only a magical unicorn can get at this potion as it's locked up tight:))

  10. Gorgeous piece! I love your work, even the blackcaged bead you are wanting to scrap :)
    And thank you! Thank you for sharing your creative process, for feeling the need to show that there sometimes is a piece that does not tur out as planned, for posting pics of "not on top" pieces you are planning to scrap...
    It helps me a lot to see I'm not the only one that struggles with wire and with designs, that I'm not alone while creating amongst caos, that we are all humans that share a love for wire.

  11. Jana, Thank you for taking the time to share this. It means a lot to me!