Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finishing Things

I am slowly working my way through various unfinished pendants and getting them set into necklaces.

This pendant was once an experiment in messy wire work.

It took forever to weave all the beads onto the trinket box and make all the various components.

I adore the copper beads I made! You'll be seeing more of those in the future!

Unakite, agate, labradorite, lime jade, and glorious copper!!


  1. Wow !! Creative leaps abound! I am loving the weaved bowl, and the latest neckwear. I think you have found your own unique style

  2. Sam,
    Yeah, been a long time since you stopped by:)) Thanks for your comments;))

  3. wow Mary, this is something....love the trinket box but more so the finished piece, love the mix of stones you've used, the colours are wonderful with the metal....

  4. Hi Tamara, thanks for leaving a comment:) I was concerned I played it too safe with the colors, but so far everyone likes it as is:)

  5. Yes! I love those copper beads you made too!! And yes! GLORIOUS COPPER! :-))))