Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Coffee Pot

It's been a difficult month. So many adult responsibilities and chores no matter which way I turn. Pressures of life are causing the creative well to stop up and run dry. I'm just going through the motions of everything, including the wire:(

Here is another, 1" x 2" high, woven wire vessel. I can't help but see a coffee pot every time I look at it:)

I won't go into the details of what I dislike about it. What I do like about it is the attachment of the peitersite bead at the top. I love the sleek modern look of the hammered wire connection.


  1. I have to say, it is unusual, but I really really like it!

    ~Moags (Laura)

  2. Yeah, being a grown up can really suck at times. What doesn't suck is your coffee pot! That bead on top is GORGEOUS! I can't believe how small these are! Hang in there...

  3. Love it! Came to your blog many times to see if you made something new. Its always such a joy to see what you make. It is tough being a "grown up". Right now I am facing that more than ever...with many many issues. I had made this bottle/jar thing with a different type of basket weave with about 15 thin wires going in all different directions together. But today I finally managed to LOS it, polish it etc. I am about to go take pictures and post it. After that I shall "Everbrite" it :-). Your pieces have been the inspiration of course.

  4. Thank you Angie!

    Swati, Im excited to see how you managed 15 thin wires! I want to try working with more wires but have been intimidated so far.

    I hope all us grown ups find some time for play soon!