Friday, November 5, 2010

Catching Up

  I'm surprised almost two weeks has passed since I posted jewelry pics, it feels like just yesterday I posted the twined cuff. I've been busy getting myself into too many projects. More than one jewelry project is half completed, and more than one household project is in some stage of incompletion.

  Today is my daughter's birthday and here are two earrings I made for her. I'm not sure she won't be disappointed with them, but I'll find out tonight.

  One of my half completed household projects is getting my wardrobe updated and in order and sorted out. I handknotted myself a necklace to match some clothing. It's blue peitersite, sterling and hematite.  I even wore it doubled up with my coiled labradorite necklace. It was bold of me to do that since both necklaces have largish beads, but I had fun and they looked great together!

  Almost done with second twined bracelet, should have a pic up before the weekend is over!!


  1. Congrats on getting those earrings made for your daughter....i adore the first pair with the abolone shell, and the hoops are a great everyday pair...the necklace is beautiful..really love that first pair of earrings! I think she'll be delighted! Happy Birthday wishes!

  2. Thank you Dala! The abalone earrings are my favorites too.

    My daughter liked them both, but the hoops were her favorite and she wore them out tonight with friends;)

    She is having a good day:)

  3. oh Mary, each item is just stunning and what a lucky daughter....I truly love that necklace....I always love the combinations you use.....

  4. Hey Mary, Always a treat when you post. Happy Birthday to your daughter. Doesn't it seem as if she was just a babe?
    Love the earrings as I am sure your daughter did too. Each pair is unique. The intricate hoops will become an everyday favorite. The long lines of the abalone ones give them a sassy dangle.
    Knotting is another of your many talents?? I am sure the two necklaces looked stunning together. Good for you for having fun with your pieces and being bold...BrassyBeads!
    Looking forward to seeing the bracelet. Good luck with the completing the wardrobe task.

  5. Estou apaixonada pelo seu trabalho!!!
    É tudo maravilhoso, estou ncantada com tanta criatividade e habilidade!
    Mary Taveiros