Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Cloth Banner Part One

  I prefer to post on the blog at least weekly, but lately it is getting harder and harder to accomplish anything in one weeks time. Many of my current designs are taking me an entire week to finish, rather than several days or an evening.  In the back of mind I wonder what will be the fate of my Blog if I decide to make projects that take two weeks or a month? Do I even possess that sort of patience anyways?

  I am also thinking about my life in general. This artist journey I started 1.5 years ago, I see now, is not something that will end.  Following a creative path is always going to take an enormous amount of time and energy as long as I am physically able to do it. So, how do I make room for my other needs in such a full life? How will I live going forth into this future I see?

  These are not angsty thoughts, just a beginning understanding that I may need to change course at some point, or make adjustments in order to carry on with this path I started down. I may not be able to keep the Blog up so often in the future:(  But, I'm not ready to make that decision today!! I love blogging!


  This week I am working on the Mary Hettmansperger banner project that my mother and I started a 6 weeks ago. Until the banner is knocked out, there won't be any wire work done. The banner is taking a heck of a lot longer than I expected and I wanted to get a post done for my Blog, so here is half my banner to view for now.

  My mother and I collaborated on making the banners together, but embellished our banners seperately. I'm trying to get some good pictures of hers to show you also, so you can see how each is different.

  Each banner has 5 blocks, I decided to make my blocks themed. From top to bottom they are: Universe, Sky/atmosphere, People, Earth, Under the Sea.

It took me all week to get 2.5 blocks done:(


Half completed Sky:

Under The Sea:


  1. You could do a monthly blog post...that's pretty much what I whatever makes sense for you....stressing over it will make matters worse. As for your banner project....i think it's fabulous...the half completed sky is my favorite block...the bird is gorgeous! Sue♥

  2. Mary, reading your blog feels like keeping up with a dear friend. When ever you post, I will be happy to hear from you and see your latest creations!

    Love the banner and can see why it is taking a lot of time. Each block has its own creative personality! My fav so far is the Universe yet each piece has unique components. Great work. Looking forward to seeing your progress and your Mom's!

    I see the creative journey, for me, as life long. I want to continue learning, growing and being inspired. Thanks for inspiring!

  3. Mary this is just beautiful....I love all the elements you've added, it sure does make a wonderful piece of art.....

  4. Thank you everyone for your comments!!

    Christine, the blog feels like and old friend to me too;) Thank you!

  5. Love the panel work, universe and under the sea keep drawing me back for a look. Keep the blog up!!! I'll definitely keep supporting you ... no matter the days between posts.

  6. LOVE the Universe one the best so far! How wonderful that you & Mom are doing this together, but seperate! Looking forward to seeing hers as well!

  7. Thank you Charters! You made me smile;)

  8. Oh my -- can't believe I missed one of your famous moon brooches in 'Universe'! And what is that bird made out of in 'Sky'?

  9. John, Yeah, I took the moon brooch off the market and kept for my self;)
    The bird is a vintage 1920's pot metal brooch. What is 'pot metal' you say?

    It's a slang term for common lower quality metals with a low melting point, easily castable with little tooling required. Often made of zinc, but also might have copper, tin, lead or aluminum.