Saturday, November 6, 2010

Twined Cuff

  This bracelet gave me an emotionallly wild ride. Often times I have a very set idea in my head of what I want the finished design to look like. The problem with that way of designing is that it's much more easy to be disappointed with the finished project.

  I had to force myself to finish this design because the weaving wasn't as neatly and evenly done as I envisioned it would be. I also smashed a couple of the copper beads with a hammer accidently :)

  When I finally got to the very end (weeks later) and was able to bend it around a bracelet mandrel and shape it, I was very surprised to find myself as excited about the design as when I first imagined it. I just love it!!

 I wear a lot of grey in my wardrobe and I love how copper looks with grey. The copper cuff with peacock pearl accents and my new grey dress are going to look terrific.  I mean they DO look terrific, as that is what I am wearing right now. And I'm going grocery shopping like that:) hehe

  It's about 2.5" wide.


  1. Very beautiful piece.....i can understand why you love wearing it with grey, the copper with the grey pearls looks awesome together. Beautiful soft metallic blend with a hint of glow.

  2. Mary...Wow!! This bracelet is incredible. Great problem solving to get the ends to work. The weaving you have done is phenomenal. I imagine your fingers were sore after this one! What a rush to complete a design like you envisioned. The pearls are a great accent. Did you coat the piece!

    I bet you stopped traffic at the grocery store! Thanks for continuing to awe and inspire.

  3. Mary, this is fabu! It reminds me very much of a bracelet that I started some time back and never finished. What a shame that I abandoned such a worthy project. Seeing the lovely results of your bracelet certainly motivates me to get back to work on mine and finish it up. I'm just so easily distrated. lol :P So glad to see you active again. It's always a treat to see what you're up to. :) As always, thanks for the inspration.

  4. Dala, you're so right regarding the glow of the pearls with the copper:) It makes me want to do more colors.

    I am going to coat this with Protectaclear but I havent yet. I usually paint the coating on, so that I can avoid stones or pearls.
    The men did notice me more than usual. I've gained quite a bit of weight from my desk job and jewelry work with little exercise involved, but it's amazing how putting on a dress or just feeling happy can make the men more interested anyway;)

    Delia, I had to doggedly force myself to finish this project despite my concerns about it's flaws. I hope your effort to finish will pay off for you as well as mine did. I didn't love it again until the very, very end! :)

  5. очень красиво))

    very nice

  6. Thank you Strukova! I've loved your work for a long time!

  7. Gorgeous cuff! Love it that you admitted that it wasn't loved as you made it...I've had projects like that and wondered if I was the only one. Then it turns out great and I'm glad.

  8. It' gorgeous!
    I love the pattern, the texture, the balled ends, the colors. Absolutely beautiful.
    Your fingers must be full of blisters :)

  9. It's absolutely stunning! I admire your perfectionism but noone is going to notice what you perceive to be imperfections.

  10. Like I said in FB...I just LOVE this. Your twinning looks amazing...and those pearls seem perfect for this design.

  11. Once again I am amazed. Now, a question that has been bugging me. To get the balled ends on the copper wire, how is that done? Simply using a small torch? I want to add that to the ends of a piece I have drawn out on paper and was wondering how it was done.
    Mary aka Scrimshaw Mary

  12. Mary, This piece won't get out of my head! I keep thinking about it and coming back and looking at it. Truly a work of how do I get it out of my head???

  13. Chris, for a cuff so unloved, it turn out to be a hit! Kind of ironic:)

    Heike, Actually my fingers toughend up quickly:) Only one blister:)

    Nancy, thank you! And I agree with you, I don't want my perfectionism to run too much amok:)


    If you are using fine silver a small torch is enough, unless its 16ga or below. For copper a propane torch is better, unless it like 24g and up.

    Christine, I think you get it out of your head by making one:)) heehee

  14. Scrimshaw Mary,

    I should add that there are tons of free videos and articles about this process. Just google it. It is very easy to pick up and learn the skill. You have to hold your flame about 1/4" above the end of the wire. Watch a youtube video, practice on a trash piece and you will pick it up quickly.

  15. Mary...your works stunned me especially this cuff! :)

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