Friday, April 15, 2011

Leaf Pin

  It's been a challenging week in my life so I didn't want to work on frames. Making soldered frames is my least favorite wire activity, but I love how they look so I stick with it.

  It's so very soothing to take a step back and work on a design that feels well within reach of my abilities.

  For the first time, I used a brass wire brush  to remove oxidation from the pin. It was a wonderful experience! The soft brass bristles get into nooks and crannies that no polishing cloth or steel wool will ever reach!


  Kind of funny and thought provoking article about creativity here

Discovered the link from a friends Facebook page. You might enjoy it too.


  1. the wonder of this work, six very good congratulations!

  2. Lulu, you're so adorable, thank you!! :))

  3. I loved the beautiful curls and curves, and just the simple elegance of this design makes it stand out. Queen of pins, you make me want to make pins now. Sometime back you had made me want to make vessels, and now you make me want to make pins :-))). Actually...if you can somehow actually make me make something....anything...I'll be thankful. lol. You know how I've been for so long now. Sigh. Orders still come...and orders are ignored...filed under "procrastination".

  4. My dear Swati, I am still procrastinating on the tutorial, and I hope that the custom order I have now will be my last for a while:)

    I am feeling the weight of all the 'have to's' that have accumulated in my life, rather than the joy of doing what I want.

    Now I am scheming for which of my pin ideas will be a perfect trinket that might bring you joy even if only for a flicker of a moment:)

  5. ((((Mary))))) I don't know what to I'll just say I LOVE you!

  6. That article was, to say the least, hugely inspiring. So is this brooch.

  7. Angie, yes you would think it inspiring:)) The link was stolen from your facebook page:) hehe