Thursday, April 7, 2011

Caged Agate Brooch

  This was a VERY challenging project for me. I worked on it for over 4 days and had to remake components and rewrap multiple times. I almost quit in discouragement.

  I was somewhat happy with it until I saw it in the macro view of my camera and realized I have a ways to go before I'm competent with this technique.

  So that leaves only one thing to do right? That's right - DO IT AGAIN!! Only I'll use a different stone this time:)


  1. yummy!!! I can't see any flaws, but can't wait to see the next one :)

  2. Where do you need improvements???
    It's gorgeous!!

  3. Excellent result!!!
    The stone is beautiful and your work has been exceptional!

  4. And I thought _I_ was a perfectionest! Even if you are seeing flaws, I'm not. I love the leaf "prongs" in the setting.