Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sterling Hoops

  "What's this" you ask? Why do I post boring earrings?

  These earrings have been a long time coming. I hate 20 gauge hoop earrings. They always feel flimsy and cheesy. Am I right?  Err, maybe some would say "they're delicate and feminine".

  I just don't like them!

  But if you go any larger in wire gauge you end up with wire uncomfy to delicate ears.

  These are 16 gauge wire hoops tapered down to 20 gauge at the end. I purchased a 10$ draw plate from Etsy. But, now that I see it is possible to taper like I want, I purchased a really nice draw plate from Rio Grande. Can't wait to get it. I'm pretty confident that a well machined draw plate would have made these earrings much less traumatic to make:)


  1. Far from boring - handcrafted, making it very personal and chic!

  2. I agree, not boring at all. What a great idea. I hate to use 20 gauge as well. You have to tell us whether it worked better with the Rio Grande draw plate.

  3. Thanks everyone! I agree the hoops aren't boring, but I imagine some of the none jewelry makers, my family and friends saying "Gee, that's all we get?" hehe

    I will be reporting on the expensive draw plate as soon as it arrives. I'm excited to make another pair right away!

  4. LOVE these and the tapering! My captha word is drypee. That's funny!