Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Witch Queen

    The Witch Queen, of copper, garnet, and silver.

  Like a good song, hopefully there is room for each viewer to make their own interpretation regarding the theme and content of the sculpture. So I will say nothing more about it.

  In my mind, I've come to call this sort of work 'Chaotic Weaving', because it doesn't follow any traditional rules or expectations.
  Saying 'chaotic' doesn't mean sloppy. I consider myself to be only a beginner in this strange work and this weave has a lot of sloppy. My hope and goal in time is that my weaving will even out and be truly masterful one day...I time.....

It measures about 3.5" across and 2" high.

PS: I still cannot respond to comments, I can write a blog post and edit it, but Blogger will not recognize my log in for commenting. Thank you for all your comments and support!


  1.'s very the winding branch accent...also the top picture showing all the detail is beautiful!

  2. Mary, you know I love your vessels. This one is incredible. I love the random weave and the way the branch winds in and out. You inspire me to try this technique again. Well Done!