Saturday, July 9, 2011

Coral Sterling Necklace

    The first challenge I had to overcome to make this necklace was simply to remove my frugality from the design process. Once that was out of the way it all moved along at a good clip until I got to the beaded bead:

  It took me 4 evenings to get it done and work out all the details. Should I make it in wire? Or thread? Do I tumble it? or assemble later? Will it be a round ball or a link?   Do I even have wire small enough to weave 2mm coral beads? Do I have thread small enough? No I don't.

  The beaded coral components used up an entire strand of 2mm coral beads and than I had to search my local bead stores for a somewhat close match to finish it. It was a good reminder that bead weaving takes longer than wire weaving. My hat is off to all those bead weavers who make such extravagant works!

Now that I have the supplies and the know how I really want to make another link.  I used 'right angle weave' to made the bead and 32 gauge wire. I think the wire is steel or some sort of base metal. But the rest of the necklace is sterling.


  1. Mary, this is a stunning necklace! The care and detail you put into each component is evident and incredible. I know what you mean about struggling with frugality, because I agonize over my own pieces. Look forward to seeing more of your work :)

  2. this is a really beautiful necklace

  3. This turned out wonderful....great match on the 2mm the assembly! ♥Sue

  4. Dearrings, thank you for your comments:))

    Lynsey and Sue, thank you!!

  5. It had been a long time, i do not see this kind of work ! Love it Mary

  6. beautiful beautiful necklace!!! by by
    francesca from italy!

  7. Emi, I love the old style wirework:))

    Thank you Francesca!!