Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This and That

  I didn't get any finished pieces of jewelry done this week. One of my designs did not turn out as I hoped. Here are the remains:
  It looks better on camera than it does in person. It has no strong focal and the light bounces off at myriad places and the eye get's confused. It will eventually get unwound for some future project.
  My 26ga weaving wire keeps breaking on me and between that and the sad project above I discovered a renewed interest in house cleaning:) It was a good way to avoid the wire:) Have clean home now:)
  I did make a tiny 1.25" diameter practice basket. It's perfectly useful if you are a Barbie doll. I practiced the starting method, and also tested out what 30ga double twined wire looks like.
  This is what the 30ga looks like:
  I am perfectly pleased with myself for getting 20 whole spokes in that little basket!!

  Here is something you will really like!!  Here is a link to a gallery of Berlin Iron and Silesian Wirework Jewelry.  Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to see all the wirework they have. 
  All these jewelry pieces were made during the early 1800's, possibly by the same company. There doesn't seem to be any clear history available regarding the wirework especially.
  The Germans actually traded in their gold for these pieces of iron jewelry in order to help their country pay for the war with Napoleon.



  1. Mary, A clean house is a joy! Impressive getting 20 spokes into that exquisite basket! What an interesting start you did with it. I like it a lot. Sorry your other piece didn't turn out...sometimes, the wire piece just isn't meant to be.
    Thank you for the wirework connection. Amazing pieces! As always, you inspire me.

  2. That stinks that your project didn't pan out! Wow! I can't believe that basket is only 1.25"...it looks so much bigger! Either way it looks great!

  3. Christine, the starting method is really cool huh? You of all people would appreciate/notice that:) Clean home IS joy, you're right:)

    Shelby, it does stink:(( Thanks for your comment!!

  4. um, I'd like to think I'm a 21st century Barbie doll. Short brown hair, flat chested and no hips - yes??? :^)
    I hope you don't trash the first item in this post. These kind of items can be a great learning tool in the future...

  5. Such an awesome little basket!!

  6. I saw your anniversary post only today...and posted a comment there ((((hugs)))).