Sunday, October 16, 2011

Deep Sigh...

....of satisfaction:))

  I have longed to do beautiful layers of interesting wire but I always felt I fell short of 3D work most of the time. Eventually, I told myself to stop worrying about it and let it happen on it's own. Today it really happened!!

  I'm so satisfied and proud of myself over this design!! I couldn't help but think back to my very first ever twined project over a year ago.

 At that time I remember being mystified as to how I would ever deal with all those spoke wires. I never thought I would ever have a solution!!

  Most of this year 2011, I have felt like I was always in learning mode. I've worked on improving my skills and problem solving things that I believed held me back. But, I haven't felt for a long time that there has been any sort of break through for all my effort.

Until this week:)


  I've said this before..... maybe you paid attention, maybe you didn't, maybe you didn't care....

  If you are going to work in 3D get a brass brush. Many wire artists choose to leave the wire black when they work in 3D with multiple wire layers. I've seen tons of work out there that was not left black but was hardly adequately polished.

  If it is the intent of the artist to leave their work half polished, that is certainly a design option. Personally I think it shows a lack of care and attention to detail or they simply don't know what to do.

Here is a link to the brush I used from RioGrande


  1. Very beautiful. Well done, Mary!

  2. What an outstanding week you have had, my friend! First the incredible twined vessel and now this beauty. The depth of layers in this piece is fabulous. I love the weaving with the looser wrapped shapes above and below the woven segment. You should be feeling satisfied and proud!! Your muse is working overtime. WhooHoo!!

  3. Thank you Katrina!!!

    Christine, I can only just smile:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))High five to you!!

  4. A great wonder!!!!!

  5. Superb......!!!! very fantastic!!!!

  6. Thank you Clody!! Thank you Lulu!!!:))))))))))

  7. I have come back to this several times now. It has so much going on that I want to keep looking at it. What an intricate little piece! I love it. I'm also amazed at your profuse muse. Isn't it wonderful when you're on a roll? I've been on a roll myself and it's scaring me a little, LOL! (I don't want it to stop!)

    I appreciate the thoughts on the brush. I use 0000 steel wool on my copper. I rarely use LOS on silver. I looked at the brush on RIO. What do you do to remove the texture the brush leaves? Or, is it not noticeable? Do the bristles not get into the recesses? Maybe, I should try it. We have a standard brass brush around here somewhere to try. Thanx :)

  8. Tela, it was a wonderful weekend in that I did not have to stop at all:) I had the cleaning service in earlier this week and so I did not feel any pressure to do anything but what I wanted:))) It was great!!

    The texture the brush leaves is exactly the same matte finish as the 0000 steel wool.

    I hope the brass brush around your house is for jewelry. The bristles on the Riogrande one are very soft, like a soft toothbrush. And they do get into all the recesses that the steel wool wont reach.

  9. How lovely!! And yes...the brass brush...can't do without one!

  10. Mary, you have outdone yourself this time!!! (Until I started to scroll down and got a peak at that freaking crazy cool basket!!!).
    I LOVE my brass brush, not only for the finish it gives, but also for it's ability to remove all of the little bits of leftover steel wool.
    It's obvious that freedom from your "chores' gave you freedom to create. Well done my friend!!!

  11. Thanks again, Mary. :) Sounds like I will be getting one of those brushes in my next Rio order. The one I have at home is really stiff.

  12. work really is a amazing......!!!! wwwwooooowww

  13. That is a lovely combination of techniques Mary! I can't stop looking at this piece either:)

    I REALLY LOVE the way you finished the bead cap with that scalloped edge.( Its something I've been struggling with on one of my pieces, except I did my scallops with double wire :( How did you manage to attach the last wire scallop down? I am mystified and in awe...

  14. Thank you Lulu!!

    Dearrings, that is a good question but I don't have a good answer. I used to feel so intimidated by something like you describe, but I just grabbed the wire and told it what to do and it did it. It's the magic fairy dust most likely:))