Sunday, October 23, 2011

Striped Agate Necklace

I'm so amazed at my own work lately. Like someone who dreams, I feel I will wake up and find the wire fairy has abandoned me. She will say "Ooops, I sprinkled the wrong wire artist, this magic dust was meant for someone else" and than she will take it back:)

I begin to think that all the scratching and clawing and hard work and failed projects have brought me to this very moment. All that suffering wasn't wasted after all:)

  Well it's past my bedtime and I have nothing fascinating to say. Good Night!!


  1. Mary, this is gorgeous!!!

    You should have a tutorial for this. I'm sure everyone else would love that too ;)

  2. Oooooo and Awwwwww! What a pretty little thing :)

    That fairy is the darnedest creature! But, at least she visited you for this. It's wonderfully intricate. It reminds me of something from Bali. :)

  3. Mary, Thrilled the wire fairy has doused you with magic dust. This is a beautiful and intricate piece. The detail is incredible. The twining is outstanding and I love how the coil winds its way from top to bottom. I believe the magic dust has soaked in!

  4. You are so funny, talk about being uninspired and then, boom, you show work like this!!! Gorgeous!

  5. Thank you Tela! Thank you Katrina;)

    Christine, I hope it soaked in too far for her to take back her magic:)

    Melissa, I have always been a somewhat fickle and moody person:) Thank you!!

  6. The wire Fairy....cute! I've had a tumultuous relationship with wire...on again off again. I think if you've good good momentum going enjoy the ride...wire fairy and all. :)

  7. Mary, this is impressive...I love how you incorporate the basket weaving techniques into wire art..Fantastical !

    Love the fine details !

  8. Does the wire fairy have friends or elves or a fairy godmother she can send along my way? :)

    Love the intricacy of this little pointed cap :) Did you make it out of copper, Mary? If so, how did you get the little ball on the end of the spiral in front? (Maybe I am trying to melt the wrong guage of copper wire....)---Dearrings

  9. Sue, momentum is so wonderful isn't?

    Emi, my love of miniature, baskets and jewelry, all come into play here...miniature baskets turned jewelry:))

    Dearrings! I'll put in a good word for you with the fairy!
    If you are using a butane torch, try melting 24 gauge copper wire or smaller. If you want to melt 18 or 16 than get a propane torch from the hardware store. You need more heat. This project was fine silver though.

  10. Oh Mary-
    I love this--simplicity and complexity in one little pendant! I love how your work is evolving!
    Did you learn these techniques from a book or did you make baskets before? Could you recommend a good book on baskets that one could translate to wire?
    I love your victorian pendant as well....I love waiting to see what you make next :)
    Kim (Texas)

  11. Thank you so much Kim, love your comment! :) See my new Blog post for a better answer for your questions k?

  12. Wow!!! This one is just sooooooooooo pretty. But more than even seeing this piece, I was delighted to read the first sentence you typed! I can't believe the day has arrived!! Woooohooooo!!!