Sunday, January 1, 2012

Not a Sea Urchin

  Making sea urchin balls opened up many possibilities in my mind and I had to break with the ocean theme to make this woven copper drop.

  I only have two more days off and than I will be back at work and the work load waiting for me there will be a crush.

  I have so many wonderful wire ideas I want to explore. I see myself growing as an artist and that brings deep satisfaction. It's frustrating to have to constantly set it aside and take care of necessities and life problems:(

  January will be a pressing month with family events and a heavy work load. It may get slow again on the blog.

This weeks flurry of wire activity was really fun for me:))

  It was a great year in wire for me and I look forward to what will develop in 2012.


  1. I like the way u weave Mary ...

  2. Mary, This is beautiful! The way you have woven this copper drop is incredible. I love it when you have wire time. It will be exciting to see where your Muse leads you in 2012. For my first wire project of the year, I have started and restarted a twined basket using your tutorial. The start is messy but the twining takes on a life of its own. Thanks for continuing to amaze and inspire!

  3. A-ma-zing! Just love how you design-the shapes you make!

  4. most definitely you are growing as an artist!! Your work shows your diligence and enthusiasm :)
    Love all of the pieces-
    Kim (Texas)

  5. Beautiful! This should be filled with dreams. :) Your weaving is sublime and inspiring.