Sunday, October 25, 2009


On Friday night I finally felt relaxed enough to approach the wire and the 'creative moment'. If I know I have to be somewhere soon, or have some obligation to attend to, I can't get into working the wire or allow myself to get too involved. Since most of my projects require a great deal of involvement, the wire tends to be an all or nothing proposition at my house.

If I get involved deeply in a project, you can forget about groceries or anything that requires cooking. I have always been this way about any project I get into, balance is something I never got the hang of.

When I was raising my daughter the pain of this unevenness on my part was too much for our household so I stopped crafting or attempting any detailed or demanding projects. I started to buy the books that promised 5 min or one hour projects. It served me well to just give up those creative wishes for many years.

But now I am back, able to do as I please again:) So I worked for 15 hours straight but for the sleep part in between. I completed two projects, both for Year Of Jewelry, so I will only post one of them for now.

This is painted wire, copper and coral.

A couple of months ago I spent 15 hours just trying to get this pair of earrings done A few months before that I designed this locket in 28 hours.

Both projects I did this weekend required all new techiques that I had to innovate and design from scratch. Both projects were fairly detailed. Both projects hit bumps in the road where I had to rethink my design plan and rework the wire more than once. I can't beleive I got them both done in so little time!! So little for me anyway:)

So why is my blog post titled "Happiness"?

In those 15 hours I noticed I was completely happy:)

But now I need some groceries.


  1. It IS reason to be happy! :-) Both are totally beautiful, unique pieces!

  2. Thank you Swati! You are always such an encourager!