Saturday, October 17, 2009

Organic and Art Nouveau

It was a very busy week at my company and I had to work overtime, so I only completed one piece of jewelry this week. (edit, as of this morning I managed to make a second piece). Next week appears to be the same so wire production has been curtailed quite a bit:( Boohoo - But yay that we are busy:)

Last week I purchased an organic ring tutorial from Zaplecione. She makes the most wonderful organic wire rings. I have my own method for making wire leaves but I preferred Gosia's method over my own for making uniform sized leaves with a more organic shape. The overall construction of the ring in my opinion is quite brilliant, it's an excellent foundation for making all sorts of rings using one's own imagination. You can buy the tutorial on ETSY if you are interested.

True to my own form, I did not actually make the project, though I do read all tutorials carefully and study the mind of the writer:)

Instead I made another upper arm band using Gosia's leaves and I used a modified version of her weave. I modified it so that I could add on more wire at any time without disrupting the pattern.

I have actually tried to make organic looking wire jewelry before but they ended up in the trash. I think I am improving because I really like this one:)

This is copper, kyanite, and sterling. Only bad thing about it was that it put a big dent in my kyanite stash (sniffle)

This pendant was finished this morning. I had started it earlier this week but lost hope I would complete on time. This art nouveau style pendant was use for my YOJ submission this week.


  1. Another beautiful pendant! The other one is still my favorite though =)

  2. holy cow! Your arm bands are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Gorgeous pieces...both of them...