Thursday, January 21, 2010

Getting there...

(Where Miss Angsty heads straight into the dark maw of her life armed only with a can of paint and a stockpile of freshly made burritoes...)

I decided something finally! I decided I wanted to finish what I started around my house, painting, decluttering, and cleaning.

I also decided I really wanted burritoes and I cooked. Who knew I would want to do THAT (cooking)!? hehe

Over Christmas my daughter and I realized that she can no longer attend school away from home. It is very expensive to room and board at college and neither of us can keep it up financially. She has grown up so much being away from home and it is a big loss to her to be coming home next June.

A little loss for me too, but more so for her. Since I never married we can be 'too close and entangled' and it's been good for us both to be separated. Crossing my fingers that we have both changed and evolved since she has been gone for almost two years, so hopefully we won't be a stumbling block to each others growth.

My mom asked me to make her a treble clef pin. My parents have a life long background in music so this is special to her. I would oxidize this... but I think she will prefer it to be bright.


  1. That's a very beautiful pin Mary. I'm sure your daughter will love it very much~ :)



  2. I adore that, but it isn't for me =)